The Pedal Peak District cycling club was founded by the explorer Sir Henry Longbottom near the end of the nineteenth century, following his return to England after having spent most of his adult life exploring Africa.

While in Africa he rarely got the opportunity to do much cycling, so upon his return he took full advantage of the cycling trend that had recently begun in the Peak District, which at that time was being used as a holiday destination, just as it is by so many today.

Sir Henry would round up other cycling enthusiasts from the homes of the residents in the district and go cycling with them every Sunday afternoon, after which they would return to his clubhouse for afternoon tea, cucumber sandwiches and cricket.

When Sir Henry died, he stipulated in his will that some of his money should be placed into a fund for what he referred to as the “my club of this beautiful pedal Peak District”. His friends used the money to do various things to grow their little circle, and just like that our club was born. It has survived for a hundred years.