The real benefits of cycling far outweigh the perceived dangers, indeed it is now safer than ever to ride a bike. With a little planning, journeys can be made which avoid busy roads and will probably take you through pleasant areas you have not discovered before.

Making sure your cycle is in a roadworthy condition and fits you properly will not only make it safer to use, but will also greatly increase your comfort and enjoyment, and minimise the amount of effort you need to put in. Good bikes cost a lot of money, so it’s in your best interests to look after and thoroughly maintain your bike to get maximum longevity out of it. Understanding basic cycle maintenance will also make your cycle safer to use, so it’s something you should learn how to do. We also recommend you insure your bike against damage, loss or theft when taking it away from home.

There are many cycle skills training courses available to people of all ages. Often it is just a little guidance and knowledge that can make all the difference to your confidence when cycling. We train cyclists at all levels, from the complete beginners through to intermediates, and there is even some training available for experienced riders who want to hone their skills.


This section of the website is where you can access lots of useful information to get you, and your family, geared-up with the knowledge to get the most out of the wonderful world of cycling. Use the tabs above to find out about choosing the right bike for different people and purposes, riding confidently in a variety of conditions, what to wear, and where to cycle – whether for pleasure or other trip purposes. Take time to explore the information available here, which has been researched by those with a good deal of experience in helping more people discover the joys of cycling.

We wish to make clear that all our members are responsible for bringing their own equipment to all sessions after their two taster sessions, and they are responsible for making sure their equipment is fit for purpose. All of our cycling instructors, fitness trainers and club supervisors hold Discovery Learning Personal Trainer Certificates which include first aid and general health and safety training, but the club still cannot be help accountable for any injuries sustained during cycling.